5 Business Marketing Techniques to Use In 2018


Are you searching for the best business marketing strategies for 2018? When it comes to marketing a small or medium business, you need to ensure you use a plan which will enable you to reach local customers. Avoid the temptation of trying to use marketing ways that are similar to those used by large businesses. The reason is large companies already have loyal customers, meaning they have large budgets to make others aware of their products and services. Remember your first aim as a business is to grow your customer base. By having a printer, internet connected device and a phone; you can come up with an inexpensive marketing campaign which will ensure your business grows in 2018. Below we look at five marketing techniques to consider.

1. The Internet

One of the best business marketing techniques for 2018 is to have a website for your company. The reason is millions of people browse the internet for products and services. For instance, consumers will most likely Google about any product or service before purchasing it. The rise of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also made it necessary for you to own a website. Your site enables you to inform clients how your products or services will help make their lives easier. Remember your competitors have websites, which means you should ensure you come with a site that’s easier to load, appealing to eye and full of information. The result is you’ll get better returns on your investments.

2. Cold Calling

You may agree that cold calling is unpleasant. However, whether you choose to do it over the phone or door to door, you should keep in mind its one of the best ways to market your small business. Remember that if clients won’t buy a product when you are selling to directly to them, it means that chances of them buying it from you using others means are less. Calling and informing them about your products over the phone enables you to react fast to any question, which means you’ll get better results.

3. Follow Ups

Marketing and advertising your business may help you to get people be aware of your products or services. However, if you fail to do follow-ups, you won’t get the benefits you were looking for. It means you should ensure you get feedback from your new clients. For instance, you should inquire why they chose your business, the moment they heard of out and how many other companies the client considered. If your job involves going over to meet customers, you should make sure you slip flyers into their mailboxes and asking them these questions.

4. Referral Networks

For small businesses, referrals are the best ways to market yourself. They include business to business referrals that ensure your competitors refer customers to you. Remember you need to cultivate a good business relationship with your rivals if you intend to get this benefit. For instance, if you don’t have a practical product, you can refer customers to them, which in turn will make them reciprocate the gesture. Customer referrals are another way to grow your business in 2018. They ensure you get loyal customers who will stick with your brand for a long time.

5. Value Additions

Value additions such as discounts, point cards, referral rewards and guarantees can be the deciding factor whether a customer chooses to buy your products or not. You don’t have to promise them things you can’t achieve. In many cases, all you have to do is say something about your product which the client may not know about your service your product. When making advertising materials for your business, make sure you highlight the value additions.


In many instances, the conversion rates for many marketing techniques are quite low. Keep in mind even the most successful marketing campaigns are those that use multiple channels. It means if you have a small business, you should stop thinking about getting instant success. What you should consider doing is planning long-term success, which you will achieve by using the above marketing techniques. Remember to include flyers and posters to assist you to reach customers. Another thing to do is to make follow-ups to know how customers rated your product or service.

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