How to Flush Your Internet Business Down the Toilet

It takes an expert to successfully run an online business. Here we are going to walk through the pros and cons of DIY, SEO, and mistakes you can avoid in order to thrive in the online competitive world.

I have seen a ton of websites. Reviewing websites and marketing processes is part of my passion.The following is a list of 7 main things that you can do today to totally flush your internet business down the toilet (probably pretty quickly)…Focus on technology instead of people. There is SEO, email, autoresponders, web page design, blah, blah, blah, etc…but if you lose focus on the fact that people are who drive your business, you will lose, and quickly. Who cares what your Page Rank is, if you don’t have people investing in you and your product or service?

Sell to people, instead of creating an environment where they want to buy. Shoving your greatest idea down people’s throats will accelerate the flushing process. Instead, find out what they want to buy, and create it for them. Also, for you content publishers (bloggers), your content creates this environment by establishing your expertise.Focus on making money with the first new purchase for a new client. Your website’s job is first and foremost to create your marketing list. Upfront, that means you shouldn’t be focused on making profit with the first purchase for your new client. Instead, you should know what the lifetime value of each of your client’s will be, and market towards “back end” sales of main products and services. Sell your $7 report, loaded with good information, and over – deliver…then focus on creating a relationship with your customer…and sell them higher profit items in your back end.Keep buying e-book after e-book (or courses), looking for that magic pill for your internet business. I understand that educating yourself is important. You need to set aside time to keep up with the “goings-on” in your chosen niche.

Totally understandable. Just quit looking for shortcuts. There aren’t any. If there is a “better way” to do something, we are all reasonably intelligent business owners, and we will all be doing it.Keep trying to do it all yourself. You will come to a point in a successful internet business where you will build momentum that will overwhelm you. Here is the time to focus on outsourcing tasks, and leveraging your efforts. Keep a focus on what you are good at, and outsource what you aren’t good at…or don’t want to do. People make a lot of mistakes when marketing their business.

Keep trying to please everyone, and running yourself too thin. You can’t please everyone. Quit trying, or call me when the money runs out. I am sure you have heard of Pareto’s Principle, or the 80/20 rule as it’s called. Well, applied to internet business, it means that 20% of your customers will provide 80% of your revenue. This also means that 80% of your customers only provide 20% of your revenue. Which group do you want to invest 80% of your time with? If you said your top 20%, you’re right! You cannot ignore your customers, but the 80% who don’t really feed your family and are not following you fully, only need 80% of your time in the first place.And last, but definitely not least…don’t take a break from your business once in awhile.

I know that you love your business, and could devote hours and hours to it. I could too. But you have to come to the realization that you are a human being, not Superman. Take a day off once in awhile, totally away from your internet business. Recharge those batteries. Your business will thank you for it.Well, that does it. This post was written from my observations with clients, from looking at websites, and hearing all the complaints from internet business owners on forums and blogs. I hope that you pay attention to these 7 things, and put a plan into action NOT to do them.

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