8 New Technology Innovations To Watch Out For

It was a very interesting year for technology lovers in the year 2017. All the big global companies have been investing in new technology to help grow their business. There has been digitization, automation, robotics and all of them are bringing new hope of a brighter future.

Technology is changing the way businesses operate. It is now impossible to operate without a mobile phone, accounting software, or the internet. Technology has made the playing field level with small businesses being able to compete with the more established ones.

Let us look at what is new technologically and how it can help the small businesses.

1. Google glass

This latest innovation by Google has created a lot of buzz throughout the world. The internet giant made its release official last year. The general public has a chance to see how this new technology will impact on businesses and its consumers.

What is Google glass? This is a computer which you wear, it has an optical head that is mounted and works the same way as a Smartphone. The difference is that it works in a hands free format. When you wear the glass you communicate to others on the internet using voice commands in the natural language. By using glass you are automatically connected to your Google account. This means a lot if you run a small business as it will help you market your business to glass users.

Glass provides users with an information card that you swipe. It provides the user with a specific answer of what they are looking for. Thus, you need to put your efforts in ensuring that you secure the first position in SEO and local searches.

2. Universal voice control

Reports suggest that there will be a continuous voice interaction which will act as a personal assistant and become a bridge between you and your customers. While it is not yet operational, works are in the pipeline to make it operational by the end of this year.

3. High speed wireless chip

Imagine you have super fast Wi-Fi that works six times faster. Quantenna a communications company is developing a 10G Wi-Fi chip that will be a game changer for the small businesses, public spaces, and schools. It will increase the speed of internet connection dramatically. This will enable every small entrepreneur to work efficiently.

4. 3D printing

This innovation has been a game changer. It has given the small enterprises an opportunity to compete with the big companies in the industry. The 3D technology allows designers and inventors to create new models and print them on the web.

Previously this task was a preserve of the expensive machines. The production cost was so enormous and small businesses could not afford it. Using the 3D technology anyone can be able to do their own prototyping. There are endless possibilities using 3D and more businesses are embracing this new technology.

5. Application Programming Interfaces[APIs]

They are greatly improving customer experience and opening up new ways in which the business earns money. The application allows you to add new features to the services you offer through the software-to-software interface.
The best example of APIs is Google map. It allows all the customers to locate where a business is easily. Moreover, there are other APIs that will improve the efficiency of your business, telecommunications, networking, and marketability.

6. Mobile marketing

The fastest growing marketing avenue is mobile marketing. This has gained traction with the meteoric rise of mobile phones and tablets. Almost everyone has one and uses it more than any other gadget.

An example of this marketing craze is Geo-targeting, which allows consumers to target an advertisement of any brand depending on their geographical location. This greatly reduces blind advertising.

7. Online funding

It has always been hard to find funds for small businesses. Things seem to be changing as there are new online companies that offer funding. This has been of much help to the small businesses that were left out by the big banks and corporations.

Your businesses loan will be processed within a day; you just need to provide data from QuickBooks, Amazon, PayPal, and Yahoo.

It is truly amazing looking at the technological innovations that are available to assist your business grow. By learning and embracing these new innovations, you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

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