The Top Reasons You Need to Look at IoT


How many Internet connected devices do you own? Your smart phone (may be more than one, your laptop, your desktop, your tablet, an MP3 player – the list goes on. As a result how many hours of the day do you have access to the Internet?

All waking hours. And 24×7 if we count all the applications that run on your phone while you are asleep. A customer today has unlimited choices. There are thousands of sites, each offering better offers than the other.

While this certainly increases the choice of the customer, it also increases the chance of an abandoned shopping cart. One site offers you free delivery, another offers cashback, while yet another offers a discount if you install their application. Each is trying to stand out from the crowd. In fact, 54% shoppers abandon carts.

Making Smartphones Smarter

Smartphones and tablets have developed to the limit that they could, and now only accessories and add-ons can help make it better – like camera enhancements, or retina displays.

While these developments are amazing in their own right, they do not enhance the basic functionality of the device. Consumers today are ready for some new technology, and the Internet of Things may just be what they are looking for.

Today, you need IoT devices to make work easier, faster and better. All devices are linked. Your wearable watch is linked to your e-mail account, and thus to your phone and computer, the beacon is linked to your smartphone and so on.

The Internet of Things will make life extremely simple. Everything will be connected. Even humdrum everyday activities like shopping will become smart experiences.

The Rise of IoT – The Top Reasons to Love It

When smartphones entered the market, they were not very popular and extremely expensive – only a handful of people bought them.

It’s more Affordable

With more innovations, the cost has decreased, and the demand has risen. Anyone can tell that the smartphone market is booming in the present decade – it is nowhere near where it started. More than a billion smartphones were sold in 2016. Almost everyone around you today has a smartphone. ‘

The internet of things is poised for a similar breakthrough. Apple’s Siri is an example of what you could do with IoT- from knowing the weather, to giving you jokes that you need, to helping you set alarms easily.

How Can IoT Benefit Smartphone Addicts?

That era is not here yet where when you step out of the house, your doors lock automatically and your lights and gas go off, or when there is a movie you were searching for on Netflix airs on television, it alerts you.

The Internet of Things hasn’t completely arrived yet but when it does can alter the lives of the people completely and irrevocably, beyond just making shopping a better experience at certain stores.

Smartphone addicts have short attention spans and extremely high expectations – when they ask their smartphone a question; they expect to receive an instant answer.

Is Great for Customer Service

This logic inadvertently ends up being applied to a customer sales executive too – why should you wait for an answer from them? Customers expect instant service, and instant service of good quality. IoT will change the customer service industry for good.

It’s what smartphone addicts need – and with the right app, you could control anything from your room lights to your car, with IoT.

Helps you Personalize Data

Data is everything. Collect data from wherever you can. Whether a potential customer is just browsing your ‘today’s offers’ section on his smartphone while on the way to work or Google searching for a Valentine’s Day gift, get data. Data is the basis for personalization. It is a building block without which personalization just doesn’t have any legs to stand on. Data is the brick and mortar to the building of personalization.

Is Popular Among Organizations

Most companies are making a move to IoT today. Adobe, at their summit, announced its connection to the Internet of Things.

Most smartphone addicts use smartwatches, and they rely on IoT for their use.- Fitbit and other fitness trackers use IoT to give you accurate health data, which smartphone addicts can see on their smartphone- Amazon Echo helps you control your entire home with just your voice.

According to ABI research, by 2020, in a mere three years, upward of 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things. And smartphone addicts could expect to lead a new way of life once that happens.

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