UI/UX Design Trends Expected in 2018


The user interface is the rocket engine that drives a user to the next limit, but the UX is the “fuel that powers the engine.” To talk about unemployment insurance in 2018 is to talk about UX. The design trends of the 2018 user interface may surprise you to some extent. Since this year is full of accessibility that looks. Your efforts in each pixel should be more aligned with ease of use instead of working hard on animation, good looks or color overlays.

The loading speed of the application is one of the key parameters that determine the user’s desire to stay in the app and utilizes its services. If the application is too long to load, the application will be uninstalled immediately after the download. The best user experience with mobile apps is speed. A high-speed app is preferred to its competitors with more features and features. Let’s face it; applications are almost everywhere. Despite some remarkable innovations in the mobile application market, we always utilize those that finish our purchase/operation/transaction at the same time, without interruptions or interventions.

Usability Engineering

Usability engineering would be the new UX in 2018. Since last year, she has seen an essential paradigm of Bitcoin, Amazon Alexa, Cortana and Blockchain, which determines the real potential of mass adoption and triggers the need emerging from conviviality that adapts to the masses. In essence, your design style should be so easy to use that even a kindergarten student can understand it.

Clear visual language

Eliminate unnecessary noise, visual clutter and provide a content-centric experience. Well-articulated, easy-to-read content attracts target users. Therefore, prioritize its content, eliminate irrelevant noise and develop a clear visual language.

Voice Activated interfaces

The process is done by the user operating their device using voice-activated interfaces. Siri has advanced this trend, which makes users act by voice instead of using conventional click buttons. Apart from that, you can also opt for other juxtaposed techniques such as fingerprint-enabled interfaces that reduce the work of clicking.

Contrasted Font and Strong colors

This is to improve readability. Make the design speak for itself by using vibrant colors. Colors have the power to attract attention, evoke emotions and trigger actions.

Full-screen experiences

iPhone X is here. Without a doubt, a trendsetter that gives the public a new goal to have a full-screen experience on everything they see on their phone. On top of that, the trend is not activated here. The image quality is also outstanding, which directly influences the orientation of the user towards his application.

User’s design choice

In conclusion, 2018 this time would be much more influenced by the ethical ramifications of the user’s design choices, causing designers to focus on ethics. The interconnection between user behavior and design philosophy is nested as a single entity. As a result, UX wins and becomes the new black.

Smart user interface

Experts criticized the hybrid apps by their appearance. But Ionic has changed his perspective. CSS and JavaScript support is treated with better options for customizing colors, menus, buttons, schemas and more. Excellent standards of user interface elements as well as features such as left to right language support. The features allow you to publish the applications in many languages. Ionic supports the movement, depth, and colors of the design so you will have an attractive user interface.

Easy testing

By using an ionic framework, the mobile app testing becomes more comfortable. In case you hire the Ionic developer, you can test your application in a browser and perform simulator tests for iOS and Android apps utilizing Cordova commands. On iOS devices, it is entirely possible to achieve safari tests or a mobile browser. To get an idea of how the application works, you can test the application directly as a hybrid and native app on the actual device. Remote debugging should also be possible. With a lot of test facilities, your trials to make a perfect ionic application are rarely a failure.

Final thoughts

Users love to do their job without spending a lot of effort and time. So, do not mix design with embellishment when you develop a mobile application. For a UX design of an application, the users are the most vital. A simple, fast and fast loading application results in a better final product that occupies users for year, months and hours. Now that you’ve learned to overcome some of the common flaws in UX design, you will see an increase in some users and downloads you will make in 2018.

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